When you want to migrate the openfire server to a new one server, there are several things we must do :

1. Backup your XAMPP or MySQL database from the old server, run  “/opt/lampp/lampp backup”

note : when you run this, the xampp service must on running status

# /opt/lampp/lampp backup
Backing up databases…
Backing up configuration, log and htdocs files…
Calculating checksums…
Building final backup file…
Backup finished.
Take care of /opt/lampp/backup/xampp-backup-22-01-04.sh

2. after the script has finished run, it’ll automatically create any backup file like : “xampp-backup-01-01-2012.sh”

3. move the file to your new server inside the /opt/lampp directory

4. on the new server, run the XAMPP (/opt/lampp/lampp start) on the default condition after extracting the xampp.tar.gz file

5. after XAMPP has been started, run command “sh /opt/lampp/xampp-backup-01-01-2012.sh”, it will restore all the database and configuration from the old server to the new server. You will see something like this if the script run correctly

# sh xampp-backup-22-01-04.sh
Checking integrity of files…
Restoring configuration, log and htdocs files…
Checking versions…
Installed: XAMPP 1.4.2
Backup from: XAMPP 1.4.2
Restoring MySQL databases…
Restoring MySQL user databases…
Backup complete. Have fun!
You may need to restart XAMPP to complete the restore.

Then restart the XAMPP

6. After setup the XAMPP, then we go to the next step to configure the Openfire server.  Download openfire_3_7_1.tar.gz (this is the latest version since this writed) from the link “http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/download-landing.jsp?file=openfire/openfire_3_7_1.tar.gz” . I prefer use the tar.gz format, because it’s easy to move and has smaller size.

7. Extract openfire_3_7_1.tar.gz to the /opt directory by running “tar zxvf openfire_3_7_1.tar.gz /opt”

8. Run the openfire use “/opt/openfire/bin/openfire start”

9. Open your web browser and go to link

10. Follow the steps like when you install new openfire server on your old server machine

11. If you doing right, then you will see your openfire admin status display is same as your old machine