This tutor is made just for SAP installation on Windows Server 2008. Before we do the installation process, there are few things to concern :

  1. Edit the hosts file under C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts contain your server FQDN name and ip address
  2. For SAP BW installation, Swap size (Paging file) must be above 20 GB, and for SAP ECC installation, Swap size (Paging file) must be above 4 GB
  3. Copy the SAP file one by one to disk drive, never use direct installation from the DVD, the essential parts to install SAP are the SAP kernel, SAP installation master, and SAP Installation/Upgrade Export
  4. Make sure there is no antivirus installed on system when doing the installation (i.e. Kaspersky) and deactivated the Windows Firewall
  5. SAP system use disk space about 5 GB, and SAP data use minimal disk space 20 GB
  6. Disk partition should be separated one by one, SAP System and Windows System must be on separated partition, but Sap System could be on same partition with SAP Data, highly recommended, Log Data and SAP Data must be on separated partition