Here is step by step solman fresh installation and configuration :

  1. Install SAP SOLMAN as usuall
  2. Create Logical system and assign logical system to new client
  3. Do client copy from 001 to your new client
  4. Logon to the new client using DDIC user and system Password
  5. Install SAP License using Tcode SLICENSE
  6. Create new user (copy from DDIC user) and add profile S_USER_RFC and S_BI-WX_RFCA
  7. Logout from SAP and relogin using the new user
  8. Configure the RFC, make sure communication between SAP and your system is connected
  9. Go To Tcode AISUSER, and add new user include your S user
  10. Open Tcode SM_CONFIG_JOBS, and run all the process
  11. After the process has been finished, open Tcode SOLMAN_SETUP
  12. Then Follow this link
  13. After all the configuration are successful, then go to Tcode SOLUTION_MANAGER to setup your maintenance optimizer

To Be Continued…