Last week, my mom came to Jakarta with purpose to take medical surgery for her cyst. The cyst diameter about 12 cm, and width about 8 cm. We know about the cyst, after doing some test like pap smear and USG (the CA125 test lest about 3…, i forgot the exact number, but it is still too far to be called cancer). Doctor told us to take surgery immediately after the result came out.  So, my mom and brother arrive in Jakarta at 7:30 AM, and go to one famous hospital in Jakarta. After wait for queue, about 10:30 AM, finally we meet the doctor. He ask us, what is the condition, and do some examination, after that he told us, “Let we think about the worst, that this is not cyst and  suspect this is a cancer. I will schedule for surgery, and we will cut out the complete uterus”.  We really shock after hear that, and we ask about the price, and he say, overall about IDR 50-60 Million in class 1 room.

What i cant accept is that the doctor doesn’t give any alternative to this problem, and directly to surgery. Really, really money oriented. Is this the trend right now? Huff… And then we don’t sign the confirmation letter to do surgery. I call my cousin and he told me, the doctor is really sick. So then he bring us to his well known doctor. After wait about 90 minutes, my mother name is called. The first impression, the doctor is looks like really serious person. Ask this and that, and then she told my mom to the bed, and doing some USG check or whatever is called, i don’t know. Then, suddenly the doctor do some humorous about my mom. She told my mom, always eat something really tasty and have so much money to buy that. bla..bla..bla, and then he back to serious and said, “I will give you the best medicine for cyst, and try to consume that for 2 weeks. After that, you came back here and let’s see the result. The other things is to eat more selective, and try to keep happy, do not think too much“. My mom seems really happy to hear that. Ah, I feel really good, because from the doctor one to doctor two, she looks like very desperate.  After that, I try to search article in internet, the relation about mood and health, I really surprised with what I found. Thats why i really trust this doctor, because of his diagnose.

What I want to share is that mood is really really related with someone healths. When you feel happy, the hormone reacted positive and when you feel sad,worried the hormone reacted negative. For long term, it will be the seeds for cancer or any kind of serious disease. So…..BE HAPPY!!!! 🙂